What information do I need in order to get an estimate for construction of my new home?

Building a new house? Chilkat Custom Contractors is glad to discuss your project at any stage! If you are just getting started, we’ll set up a consultation to review your project and make a list of information needed to move to the next planning phase. Your project will be at a point where we can provide an estimate once you have a complete set of plans and we have made a visit to the building site. The more detail provided in your plans, the more complete an estimate we can provide. 

Why do I need plans before I get an estimate to build my new home?

Plans spell out the structural and finish details that are integral to building a home. At Chilkat Custom Contractors, we want to make the process as smooth, efficient, and cost effective as possible. Because there are so many details to decide upon when building a home, too many unclarified assumptions make it impossible to provide you a reasonably accurate estimate that we can stand behind. If you are just trying to get a ballpark budget number in order to take the first steps in determining the basic size and shape of project you want to pursue, we suggest using $300 – $350 per square foot.  

What information do I need in order to get an estimate for my home renovation project?

If your project is to renovate your existing home, we will start with a phone consultation, and move forward with a site visit. We may invite other trades, such as an electrician and/or a plumber, to the on-site consultation. A set of plans may be required. Following the consultation, we will provide a list of information needed from the owner, and then will provide a proposal either as a lump sum bid, or a time and materials estimate.

Can I provide my own materials?

In general, we will not take on a project with a majority of owner-provided materials. We know from experience that getting the right quantity of the correct materials to the job site on time is crucial to keeping a project moving efficiently and within budget. When we provide materials, these services are included: we do a detailed “material take off” to determine quantities needed; we provide the owner with a submittal for their approval showing exactly what materials will be purchased (when relevant); we work with vendors to procure the materials; arrange and track freight as needed; and provide safe delivery to job site. That being said, if you want to provide a few specific items, or you have a small project and the materials are already on hand, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is a Lump Sum Bid?

A lump sum bid is basically a fixed price to complete your project. A lump sum bid proposal will include a comprehensive list of scopes of work that are included in the price (and a list of exclusions, or any items not included in the price). A lump sum bid is based on the plans submitted by the owner. Some benefits of a lump sum bid include knowing there is fixed total price for your project (barring any changes made by the owner or unforseen conditions such as rot); greater ease working within the constraints of a home construction loan; and ability to set a payment schedule at the outset of the project. Monthly billing is based on percentage complete for each scope outlined in the bid documents.

What is Time and Materials Basis?

In Time and Materials projects, the owner pays monthly for all labor worked and materials purchased. The Contractor may provide an estimate at the outset of the project, but billing is based on costs incurred and the total project budget is not guaranteed. With either a lump sum bid, or time and materials billing, Chilkat Custom Contractors will work hard to help you realize the outcomes you are looking to achieve with your project within your budget. 

Can Chilkat Custom Contractors build my driveway, building pad, and septic?
Chilkat Custom Contractors is a full-service general contractor, so if hired for your project, we can manage all phases of construction from civil work to final interior finishes. For civil work and a couple other scopes (electrical, mechanical) of a project, we hire subcontractors licensed for those trades. Some homeowners decide do the first step of site prep/civil directly with a Civil Contractor. If you want to pursue that phase yourself, there are multiple Civil Contractors in Haines licensed to install septic, driveway, house pad, and utilities. Contact us if you would like more information!
What Payment Methods are accepted?

Most customers prefer ACH payments, or bank transfers. Our invoices come with a link for ACH payment. Wire transfers are also accepted, as are checks and cash. We will accept credit cards for an additional 3.5% added to each invoice.

What are your rates?

Here are 2024 Basic Rates:

Carpentry Labor – $85/hour, Markup – 15% on Labor and Materials.

What factors into these rates? 1. We pay a living wage to our crew. Our employees are experienced professionals, they are excellent, and we want to retain them in a very competitive industry! 2. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for the scopes of work we offer. We pay our taxes. We pay workman’s comp. We believe in doing things the right way for our employees, our customers, and our community. 3. Labor covers wages, payroll taxes, work comp insurance, and other employee associated costs. Markup helps cover overhead – the indirect costs of running the business – and profit. Profit is built in at roughly 10% of the gross income on a project.

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